Hello from Itsuko

Hello and Konnichiwa!

My name is Itsuko. I am glad you found me. I am an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher. I do lessons in Newport Beach and Los Angeles, California. I also do workshops in Tokyo, Japan.  I provide private lessons to various professionals including actors, musicians, professors, artists, photographers, writers, business people and even pregnant women. I noticed that most of them have the same problem: Pain! It is pain physically, mentally and/or emotionally even though they don’t realize it at first. Some ignore the issue until something nudges them.


Actually I had a similar experience. I had chronic back pain for a long time, but I didn’t realize that it was a big deal for my health. I thought the pain was because of old age or genetics. I almost assumed I will live in pain permanently. I was thinking “pain is my friend!”


It was shocking to know that it was I who had created pain due to my habits. These habits kept abusing my body. However, it was also a great discovery for me that the pain could be eliminated if I released unnecessary tensions throughout my body and stopped unwanted habits. I am so grateful to be able to learn the Alexander Technique. Now I have the confidence to live a healthy and energetic life.


I really wanted to share this wonderful method with as many people as possible so I attended the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles to become an AT teacher. I completed a three year 1600-hour program, and I received a certification from the American Society of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT).

I am very lucky to have been trained under the direction of world class teachers: Pamela Blanc, Michael Frederick, Sydney Laurel Harris, Lyn Charlsen Klein, Babette Markus, and Frances Marsden.


Now it is your turn to learn how to use your own body more effectively and efficiently so that you can live more freely and pain-free. I am happy to help you do it. Please contact me if you are interested: info@itsukojmasuda.com

Have a great life!

Itsuko J. Masuda