Team with Irvine Acupuncture

I am pleased to announce about the new office at Irvine Acupuncture.

Reza Tafazoli who is a successful and reliable acupuncturist took an Alexander Technique(AT) lesson with me three years ago. He had been wondering how AT would work on pain since he read the articles about AT. I believe not many other practitioners would like to work with AT teachers  but he was an exception. He really cares about his patients and believes the combination of acupuncture and AT would be a fast track for reducing pain. I totally agree with him. So now we are a team working together. I work there for Reza’s patients.

One patient who had had several surgeries to get rid of pain but was still in pain took lessons with me. She has been learning how to release unnecessary tension throughout her body. After a couple lessons, she claimed “it’s a magic!”. She didn’t feel any pain which has never gone away. We are still working but I am sure she will never need additional surgery.